Hey Internet Goers,

This weekend is Denver Comic Con and
Red Team Go will be at tables throughout
Artist Valley or at the Red Team Go Community Table.

We’re also premiering our first RTG comic: Dinopocalypse! All our artists will be seeing copies. So please come find us throughout the convention:

Colton Muheim
– RTG community table and group panels

Kristina BadHand

Garuda Illo and Rafael Maldonado

Mike Webber with his brother Scott Webber

Joe Oliver

Joe Becker

Saro Hang

Andy Mark

Bob Parks
-8 bit Lounge/Community Table/Imagination Celebration

Khundy Son

Guy Davis will be travailing the con floor with his podcast group Geek Tank

The 3 panels we are running at the con this weekend:

Drawing with Young Artists
-Saturday 12:10pm room 506

The Importance of Community in art
-Saturday 5:35pm room 605

Drawing with RTG
-Sunday 3:40pm room 506

There is also the DENVER DRAW OFF competition Saturday night downtown at Lime in the Denver Pavilions!

RTG will be defending their title against Colorado art groups such as Denver Drink and Draw, Squid Works (you’re going down, Stan! ), and The Comic Book League.

This weekend is chock-full of things to do, but we hope you choose to come down to DCC and hang out with your favorite art collective

(I know I said we are going to be adding photos and content, but with DCC planning we have been busy as heck. We’ll aim to have more up after the con! )