Rocky Mountain Con 2017

In just a few days Rocky Mountain Con will be starting. They teamed up with Tacticon this year so it adds a lot of new stuff to this amazing show. We will be in artists ally this year come find us and our members that have tables this year in artist ally. We will be participating in a scavenger hunt with some other lucky people. Also we will be doing our free sketches for kids. So stop on by come say hi and hope to see you all at RMC 2017 this year. Also this Friday after the con floor closes Red Team Go will be hosting A’bout to draw at the bar area of the convention hotel. Come watch artists battle it out with paper and a marker. You decide what they draw and who the winner is.


Hey Internet Goers,

This weekend is Denver Comic Con and
Red Team Go will be at tables throughout
Artist Valley or at the Red Team Go Community Table.

We’re also premiering our first RTG comic: Dinopocalypse! All our artists will be seeing copies. So please come find us throughout the convention:

Colton Muheim
– RTG community table and group panels

Kristina BadHand

Garuda Illo and Rafael Maldonado

Mike Webber with his brother Scott Webber

Joe Oliver

Joe Becker

Saro Hang

Andy Mark

Bob Parks
-8 bit Lounge/Community Table/Imagination Celebration

Khundy Son

Guy Davis will be travailing the con floor with his podcast group Geek Tank

The 3 panels we are running at the con this weekend:

Drawing with Young Artists
-Saturday 12:10pm room 506

The Importance of Community in art
-Saturday 5:35pm room 605

Drawing with RTG
-Sunday 3:40pm room 506

There is also the DENVER DRAW OFF competition Saturday night downtown at Lime in the Denver Pavilions!

RTG will be defending their title against Colorado art groups such as Denver Drink and Draw, Squid Works (you’re going down, Stan! ), and The Comic Book League.

This weekend is chock-full of things to do, but we hope you choose to come down to DCC and hang out with your favorite art collective

(I know I said we are going to be adding photos and content, but with DCC planning we have been busy as heck. We’ll aim to have more up after the con! )

Comic Fest Round Up

Hey everyone, we’re back for a wrap-up of ComicFest 2015 weekend.

ComicFest was only one day this year, but it was an awesome event that we are grateful to have been part of. RTG was a Go! We had Joe Becker, J. James McFarland, Guy Davis, Michael Webber and Saro Hang running their own tables, and Kristina Badhand, Oi!Bob Parks and I holding down the RTG table. We sold RTG exclusive print teasers for our upcoming banner alongside prints that our members have graciously donated to us. This weekend was a dry run for what we are going to premiere at Denver Comic Con 2015 (which, incidentally is where the banner will debut). Kristina, Oi!Bob and I were doing commissions as well to help fund RTG’s first comic “Dinopocalypse” that launches at DCC.

One of our biggest successes at the con was Oi!Bob and his free sketches for kids. He has an amazing art style that is great for the kids. I personally love it and love watching him work — seeing the children’s eyes sparkle when they receive one of his pieces fills me with joy. I’ll be posting pictures of some of these sketches soon.

We had an amazing weekend with our contributing artists and I am glad to say that we earned far more than we thought possible. It was an amazing test run that gave us experience we’ll need for future conventions. Which is good since our next GO at it is just 11 days away at the Colorado Springs Comic and Toy Con!

This weekend is free comic book day. Many of our members will be at comic shops throughout Colorado showing our RTG pride. Saro Hang and Kristina Badhand at “All C’s Collectables” in Aurora, J. James McFarland In Boulder at “Time Warp Comics,” Joe Oliver will be at “Escape Velocity” down in Colorado Springs and Joe Becker, Khundy Son, Oi Bob and myself will be at “I Want More Comics” in Northglenn.

Thank you all for reading, we’ll be back Sunday with a new post and pictures of all of us doing what we do best.

Wrap up from Anomaly Con

Hey everyone Its Colton again. Hear for another Convention wrap up. Two weeks ago was Anomaly Con which is Colorado’s Steam Punk themed convention. It was lots of fun seeing everyone dressed all fancy with their nice vests and dresses with their add ons of brass, copper, gears and cogs everywhere on their person. It was visually pleasing to say the least. As for our artists of RTG they had a good weekend as well. With Joe Oliver and Joe Becker manning the front lines. With Oi Bob Parks and Guy Davis as there wing men they did great overall. Some personal goals were met and some amazing art was made I will have to snag a few pictures from them this Thursday so i can add them to the page so everyone can see what was made.

But now onto what is coming up next for the crew of RTG. Our first comic collaboration is almost ready for publishing and I am personally super excited about I’m going to have to see who in the comic is willing to leak there story so you all can get a sneak peak at what we have in store for you at Denver Comic Con 2015 in May. The first comic is Dino Apocalypse and its going to be 3 volumes coming out for your viewing pleasure. I am super stocked about this comic we have 12 of our RTG artists/writers who have made a story for this comic and I am super excited to finally get this to the printers so we can show you all of our skills as artists and story tellers.

Also in 2 weeks there is a convention coming up in the Denver Tech Center Called StarFest and on Sunday April 19th, Comicfest the comic convention that works with Starfest will be held and RTG will finally have its first official Red Team Go table thanks to Joe Oliver. He is going on vacation and will be donating his table at Comicfest to RTG so we can show you all or RTG’s work and what we have to offer for everyone as a community of local artists. So mark that April 19th in your calendars cause I hope to see all of you in 2 weeks. Come support your local artists and meet the members of Red Team Go.

Hope to see you and keep coming back
Colton Muheim

Cosmic Con Rap Up And Anomaly Con Takeoff

Hey Everyone I know this post is a little late for my recap on last weeks convention, but I need to give a shout out to these wonderful RTG gents. Both Joe’s rocked it last weekend at the very first Cosmic Con down in Colorado Springs. Who ever came down to support these to you are awesome and thank you.
As for its first year Cosmic Con did amazing I didn’t even realize that it was its first year. It ran smoothly and the traffic flow was pretty impressive. From when I talked to both Joe Oliver and Joe Becker they both had nothing but good things about the convention.

Since I was late on this recap, I’m going to let you all in on some activity’s all of Red Team Go have been doing in this past few months. Quite a few of us have artist tables at Denver Comic Con this year and we are all kinda pushing for that Convention so we can premier a lot of COOL things as a group of local artists. We are proud community of artists that want to show our work to you and be happy that people love to see our work. What we have been working on is a lot of collaborations. Such as we all drew one red character and we are taking our characters and putting them on a banner so “everyone” can see. Also a lot of us 2 years ago started a collaboration comic that we have as a group have finely want you all to see, read, and enjoy this 3 part comic. I do think all you you will enjoy it as much as I have been enjoying seeing each page come threw my emails this past few months. (We will be releasing that comic at Denver Comic Con.) We have so much more going on that the excitement with in RTG Is vast and it consumes all of us to keep motivated and draw and come up with new ideas. Our nights that RTG meets up have been wonderful Ill have to post some pictures on my next post to show you all the proses that we do on our meet up nights.

Well to rap it all up this weekend which started today is Anomaly Con. Anomaly Con is our Steam Punk convention here in Colorado. And once again we have a few artists down at the con selling there art and drawing up a storm. This weekend we have Joe Oliver, Joe Becker, Oi Bob Parks, and Guy Davis mobbing it at Anomaly Con. If you have an urge to get out of the house this weekend and go some were in this nice weather you should come on down to The Hyatt and support your favorite local artists Red Team Go (address is bellow).

Well everyone that should be it for today hope you have a great weekend.
Colton Muheim


Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center
7800 East Tufts Avenue
Denver, CO 80237, US


I everyone this is Colton. Just wanted to let everyone know that today was the first day of Cosmic Con ¬†down in Colorado Springs. A few of us have art tables at the convention. So you should come down this weekend and come say hi to all of us. I will be down walking around tomorrow cosplaying as green arrow so if you want to say hi it shouldn’t be hard to find me. Have a great weekend everyone xD.