Wrap up from Anomaly Con

Hey everyone Its Colton again. Hear for another Convention wrap up. Two weeks ago was Anomaly Con which is Colorado’s Steam Punk themed convention. It was lots of fun seeing everyone dressed all fancy with their nice vests and dresses with their add ons of brass, copper, gears and cogs everywhere on their person. It was visually pleasing to say the least. As for our artists of RTG they had a good weekend as well. With Joe Oliver and Joe Becker manning the front lines. With Oi Bob Parks and Guy Davis as there wing men they did great overall. Some personal goals were met and some amazing art was made I will have to snag a few pictures from them this Thursday so i can add them to the page so everyone can see what was made.

But now onto what is coming up next for the crew of RTG. Our first comic collaboration is almost ready for publishing and I am personally super excited about I’m going to have to see who in the comic is willing to leak there story so you all can get a sneak peak at what we have in store for you at Denver Comic Con 2015 in May. The first comic is Dino Apocalypse and its going to be 3 volumes coming out for your viewing pleasure. I am super stocked about this comic we have 12 of our RTG artists/writers who have made a story for this comic and I am super excited to finally get this to the printers so we can show you all of our skills as artists and story tellers.

Also in 2 weeks there is a convention coming up in the Denver Tech Center Called StarFest and on Sunday April 19th, Comicfest the comic convention that works with Starfest will be held and RTG will finally have its first official Red Team Go table thanks to Joe Oliver. He is going on vacation and will be donating his table at Comicfest to RTG so we can show you all or RTG’s work and what we have to offer for everyone as a community of local artists. So mark that April 19th in your calendars cause I hope to see all of you in 2 weeks. Come support your local artists and meet the members of Red Team Go.

Hope to see you and keep coming back
Colton Muheim