Comic Fest Round Up

Hey everyone, we’re back for a wrap-up of ComicFest 2015 weekend.

ComicFest was only one day this year, but it was an awesome event that we are grateful to have been part of. RTG was a Go! We had Joe Becker, J. James McFarland, Guy Davis, Michael Webber and Saro Hang running their own tables, and Kristina Badhand, Oi!Bob Parks and I holding down the RTG table. We sold RTG exclusive print teasers for our upcoming banner alongside prints that our members have graciously donated to us. This weekend was a dry run for what we are going to premiere at Denver Comic Con 2015 (which, incidentally is where the banner will debut). Kristina, Oi!Bob and I were doing commissions as well to help fund RTG’s first comic “Dinopocalypse” that launches at DCC.

One of our biggest successes at the con was Oi!Bob and his free sketches for kids. He has an amazing art style that is great for the kids. I personally love it and love watching him work — seeing the children’s eyes sparkle when they receive one of his pieces fills me with joy. I’ll be posting pictures of some of these sketches soon.

We had an amazing weekend with our contributing artists and I am glad to say that we earned far more than we thought possible. It was an amazing test run that gave us experience we’ll need for future conventions. Which is good since our next GO at it is just 11 days away at the Colorado Springs Comic and Toy Con!

This weekend is free comic book day. Many of our members will be at comic shops throughout Colorado showing our RTG pride. Saro Hang and Kristina Badhand at “All C’s Collectables” in Aurora, J. James McFarland In Boulder at “Time Warp Comics,” Joe Oliver will be at “Escape Velocity” down in Colorado Springs and Joe Becker, Khundy Son, Oi Bob and myself will be at “I Want More Comics” in Northglenn.

Thank you all for reading, we’ll be back Sunday with a new post and pictures of all of us doing what we do best.